Selects KPMG High Growth Ventures to Drive Investment in it’s Products and Services

March 8, 2023
min read, a leading technology company co-founded by Jonathan Parsons (CEO) and Tylor Bunting (CTO), has engaged KPMG High Growth Ventures, headed by Amanda Price, to provide a range of financial services to enhance their financial operations and drive growth. KPMG High Growth Ventures will offer grant services and guidance to help optimize their financial performance, and accelerate progress toward their long-term goals.

The collaboration between and KPMG represents an exciting opportunity to leverage KPMG’s resources and expertise to fuel growth and innovation for We look forward to working with KPMG High Growth Ventures to accelerate investment streams that allow for rapid acceleration of our services and products under development.

Jonathan Parsons, the CEO of, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating

KPMG High Growth Ventures’ financial expertise and strategic guidance will be instrumental in helping us achieve our long-term goals and maximize our potential.

Tylor Bunting, the CTO of, added …

The collaboration with KPMG High Growth Ventures will allow us to access a broader network of resources, and financial expertise to drive our continued growth and innovation.

The engagement between and KPMG High Growth Ventures is an important milestone and underscores their shared commitment to innovation growth in Australia.