Optimise your inbox with GenAI Triage.

Route & respond to enquiries, 5x faster.

Leveraging Generative AI we are categorising, routing & responding to mails, messages and enquiries in near real-time, at a fraction of the cost of manual processing today.

Generative AI-Driven Routing
Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, this feature intelligently analyses incoming requests and matches them with the most suitable response templates, ensuring efficient and accurate resolution.
Enterprise Specific Customisation
From personalised response templates to tailored routing rules, organisations can adapt the system to align with their specific workflows, branding guidelines, and customer engagement strategies.
Ticket System Integration
By consolidating all support interactions within a unified platform, teams can effortlessly manage and track tickets, reducing manual efforts and ensuring consistent service delivery.
Direct Email Integration
Whether inquiries come through email or other channels, our solution ensures a unified approach, enabling prompt responses and seamless resolution of customer issues.

Reduced backlog, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Large language models (LLMs) require much less data than traditional narrow AI systems to achieve the same level of accuracy of a human. This reduces the overall data preparation and training time substantially.

Unparalleled customisation capabilities.

Our solution utilises structured templates for governance and advanced machine learning models. Our approach requires significantly less training data while delivering greatly improved accuracy.

By combining structured templates with sophisticated algorithms, we ensure compliance, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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