Measure, track & report with Insights

Leverage Insights to track every facet of your digital operations all the way from solution health through to real-time operational benefits.

Extensive Integration Capabilities
Integrates with a wide range of technology products: Microsoft Power Platform Products, UiPath, Blue Prism, Robocorp, ServiceNow.
Track Health & Benefits
Track success rates and understand opportunities for uplift using real-time benefit tracking against original designs.
Cross-Provider Metrics
Aggregate metrics across technology providers.
Transaction & Record Keeping
Improve transaction and record keeping for long-term solution evaluation.

Centralising real-time operational data, driving insights.

Driving continuous improvement of your digital operations requires measuring every facet in real-time in a centralised location.

Understanding focal points to improve the stability and efficiency of your operations

Tracking actualised benefits against original forecasted predictions

Exception Rates
Identify areas where minor enhancements allow you to uplift the value of your operations

Return on Investment
Calculating the return on capital spent vs real-world benefits delivered

Empowering citizen developers, driving efficient transformation at scale.

A new paradigm of citizen development means enterprises need to track a mesh network of digital operations built by anyone anywhere.

Easily allow anyone within an organisation to report and track the benefits that their digital solutions are providing.

Aggregated benefits tracking for citizen developers creating at an organisation-wide view.

Real-time monitoring and reporting of on citizen developed operations.

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"The Insights Dashboard has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the overall success rates, benefits provided by the solutions, and highlight areas that require improvement to optimize our automation ecosystem ensuring maximum benefit accrual."

Louren David

National Manager,
Innovation and Automation