Cabel Partners' Operational Streamlining through Automation

October 17, 2022
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Cabel Partners, an accounting and audit firm nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Suburbs has always challenged the status quo when it comes to improving client and customer experience.

Now with the rapid advancement of intelligent process automation, Cabel Partners has leveraged the intricate understanding of their business processes to digitise and scale their operations. They are doing this by adding digital workers to action the mundane repetitive work that takes up their employees’ time. This allows them to focus on higher value-adding initiatives further enhancing their customer engagement.

Cabel Partners have partnered with to architect, develop and manage their digital workforce, being selected amongst other competitors for their technical prowess and automation capability.

Operational Enhancement:

By harnessing intelligent process automation, Cabel Partners has realised significant operational improvements. This automation initiative has resulted in an annual time savings of 200 hours, marked by a remarkable 100 percent consistency in execution.  

Managing Partner Ray Khalil expresses his satisfaction with the transformation:

"The team at provides a highly responsive and effective service, but with a personal touch. It's an absolute pleasure to work with them, and they are now engaged as our trusted advisor for all our automation and AI needs."

Strategic Objectives:

Ray emphasised the strategic significance of digital workers in streamlining operations and enhancing client experiences. He notes, "Using digital workers has helped streamline our business operations, providing faster turnaround time to our clients and improving their experience. We are living in a world where large technology companies have set the benchmark for what service should look like, and we also need to rise to the occasion."

Economic Impact:

Cabel Partners' automation strategy not only optimises operations but also addresses labour market challenges by mitigating the impact of wage inflation driven by skill shortages. The firm chose to collaborate with, selected for their technical expertise and automation capabilities. Their focus on next-generation Python-based automation solutions, built on the efficient Robocorp technology platform, ensures cost-effective automation development and operation, allowing for swift delivery of value to clients.

Evolution of Automation:

Initially, Cabel Partners concentrated on automating administrative processes to achieve quick wins, such as automating reconciliations between core systems and sites. This served as a proving ground, enabling the firm to progress toward automating more complex processes. This expansion provides dynamic scalability to their backend service processing, enabling the firm to serve a larger clientele while enhancing overall profitability.

Leadership Commitment:

Ray views automation as a strategic imperative for the business and leads the automation team directly under his guidance and vision for the firm. He is confident that through a relentless focus on using technology to streamline operations and improve the client experience he will not only create a bright future for both the firm but also an engaging experience for his clients and staff.

Cabel Partners - Pioneering Automation for Operational Excellence.